But I swear I checked the gauge!

27 Aug

I’m working on the Raspy sweater from Rowan Denim People. I did soooooo much research before I began. First off, I’m a graduate student in school living off my savings and an out-of-state tuition waiver, so there was no way I was buying 13 balls of Rowan Denim yarn. Plus it’s 100% cotton. Sugar n’ Cream is 100% cotton. Sugar n’ Cream is $1.27 a ball. I love knitting with Sugar n’ Cream. Sugar n’ Cream comes in black. Obviously I could and should knit this sweater with Sugar n’ Cream. All I’d have to do is check the gauge. And I swear I checked the gauge! I knitted a test tea towel. I ran a thread in a 4 inch box. I checked the gauge. 18 stitches and 28 rows to 4 inches. I washed it. I compared the shrinking. I got together with a friend. We did the math. Twice! I could knit the small and I’d wind up with the medium.

I’m knitting and knitting. It’s growing and growing. I think, gosh this is long. But it’s going to shrink. It’s designed to shrink. I pull out the tape measure. The test tea towel shrank ½ an inch for each 4 inches. I measure the sweater. It’s 30 inches long! And I haven’t even reached the neckline! Even with shrinking it will be over 26 inches long! It’s supposed to be 22. I re-checked the gauge. I have 24 rows to 4 inches. I guess I’ll have a Raspy tunic like Wendy.

At least I haven’t done the sleeves yet…

Side note – Huzzah to my Denise interchangeables for the super easy try on.

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Posted by on August 27, 2005 in knitting


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