Patience is a virtue… that I lack.

30 Aug

Care and Share (the local Mennonite thrift store) had no double point needles in the sizes I needed. So I went to the local fancy-shmancy yarn store (OK, it’s not all that fancy, but it’s got the fancy-shmancy prices nonetheless) and paid $8.50 a pop for my 2 sets of double point needles. Wait til I get back to Austin to see if I already own them? Preposterous! (Though I now have extra motivation to fill out one of those “my needles” check sheets.) I need to be working on these sleeves now. I couldn’t possibly start on either of the other 2 projects that I have the yarn, needles and pattern for right here. Nope.

With the help of my trusty father the engineer, I am confident in the new pattern I worked out for  the sleeves. But they sure don’t make it easy on you only giving you after washing shrunken measurements and the decrease instructions are not designed to make a total row count easy. If this sweater turns out to be a mild disaster I plan to just design a simple sweater myself and add raspy bits randomly as I go along. I do love this drop stitch technique.

And can I say that these are some really nice bamboo double point needles? A joy to knit with. I guess I can’t complain too much about the price when I can feel the quality difference.

Lastly – A reevaluation of circular knitting: I knit this in the round to avoid having to bother sewing it all up at the end. As I was weaving in the loose ends of the body I missed having the seams to hide all those tails. If I had knit it flat I would have made sure all my ball changes were on an edge and use those tails to sew up my sides. I think I may like the old way better.

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Posted by on August 30, 2005 in knitting


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