Third time’s a charm, or, The importance of hip measurements.

10 Sep

You know that progress I was talking about? Well erase that from your memory. It’s been frogged. And I hadn’t bothered to mention it before, but that was my second cast on. See, I was going by bust measurement. I’m about 35", so despite my better judgment I cast on for the small because it said 37 3/4". Then about 2" in I held it up to where I thought it should hit on my hip/waist area and it was decidedly too small. So I went for the medium, I’m generally a medium. Then about 2" in my dear BF said, "That doesn’t really look any bigger than last time. Did you check it?" So I checked it, and while it was a little bigger, it didn’t seem quite bigger enough. I went back to the pattern and ignoring the bust measurements, looked at the hip measurements. Large it is. ‘Cause I’ve got some hips. Don’t get me wrong. I like my hips. (Though not in any excessively celebratory Real Women Have Curves kind of way.) But they are apparently not in the typical knitted pattern proportion to my bust. So I have now learned the importance of checking hip measurements at least in addition, if not in replacement of bust measurements. 

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Posted by on September 10, 2005 in knitting


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