12 Oct

So my boyfriend thinks a pair of socks would be a wonderful thing and I am just one class where I don’t have to take notes away from finishing the front of my shirt. I’m pretty sure that sewing up side seams might be is most certainly overstepping any semblance of being a respectful and attentive student, so I’ll have to wait until Thursday night’s knitting group to finish up the sleeves. But then I will officially be joining Socktoberfest.

These pictures are of my sleepy socks and they are the model for my next project. (I love these socks. Like many things in my life I own them because my dad had some and I tried them on once and realized they were the best thing ever. Dad does his homework.)

I was all worried about how on earth I was going to find a pattern. I was pretty sure “sleepy socks” was not the technical term. Luckily I asked my good friend and knitting advisor to bring some sock patterns this Thursday and she had all kinds of questions for me. Like this one:

“Are you looking more for a basic sock in something like sport or worsted weight yarn to be worn around the house, or like the kind they sell in sports shops to keep your feet nice and toasty when hiking/camping in the cold?”

Why yes, that’s exactly the kind of pattern I’m looking for. And the kind she’s going to bring on Thursday. Yay!


Posted by on October 12, 2005 in knitting


2 responses to “Socks.

  1. anne

    October 12, 2005 at 7:35 pm

    You knit in class? I’m so jealous — my dept is way too uptight for that. (Although I do knit while proctoring exams…)
    Good luck with the socks!


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