New Paper: New Reading List.

14 Oct

Go ahead… Guess my topic.

I spent 4 hours in the library today selecting those books. Not reading. Not doing actual research. Just finding titles and skimming for relevance. I have no more energy left for Vikings today. I am currently debating between trudging through some more Diringer or blowing the rest of the night and watching Survival Island: The Animal Cities of South Georgia, narrated by none other than the most fabulous David Attenborough. Below is a brief annotated webliography I made my boyfriend for his birthday. I am such a nerd.

His Career

David Attenborough: Life on Air

Attenborough’s 50-year career in broadcasting is celebrated in Life on Air. This is THE place to go for your Attenborough fix. It has a biography, a quiz, a screensaver, FAQs (answered by Attenborough), archive footage, outtakes, and fun anecdotes (in video form) – just for a start.

His Documentaries

The BBC site for “The Life of Mammals”

“Explore and take your interest in mammals further. Watch video clips, discover fascinating facts, and play the interactive challenges to find out why mammals are so spectacularly successful.”

You can go “Behind the Scenes” – Meet the members of the production team that worked on the series. Find out what they do, how they got their jobs, and share some of the experiences of making the series.

You can go “Behind the Science” – The Life of Mammals is the culmination of a combination of scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs. Here we find out how, working alongside the scientists, filmmakers around the world have utilised and developed new technology to give us an insight into new and extraordinary behaviour.

BBC site for “The State of the Planet”

“David Attenborough’s personal study of the impact that humans are having on the natural world and the future of life on Earth.”

“The series investigates the main causes of damage to the planet and how we can help to prevent them. Read an interview with David Attenborough, hear what the experts have to say and find out what you can do to help.”

Be sure to check out the interview with Atty B.

The BBC site for “The Blue Planet”

The PBS site for “The Life of Birds”

Interview with David from the same site


Wikipedia entry for David Attenborough.  Be sure to read about his views on creationism.

Short but sweet bio with a nice picture.

IMDB entry for David Attenborough


This page has interview audio clips from BBC Radio

“In this interview, I talked to Sir David Attenborough at his home on Richmond Hill, about his experiences travelling around the globe during the past forty years, in pursuit of some of the most amazing and original natural history footage ever filmed.”

An interview from “The Ecologist”


David Attenborough News. You can sign up for alerts!

A lecture by Sir David Attenborough, Presented at the American Museum of Natural History, December 8, 1998

A science blog that mentioned Atty B.  Could be crap, didn’t actually read it.

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