Quick Socktoberfest update.

18 Oct

Not much to report – I’m giving a group presentation tomorrow and have been hashing out the final draft of the paper that goes with it. But in Socktoberfest spirit I did want to post my progress thus far, small though it is. I’m using Classic Elite Yarns: Star, which is 99% cotton and 1% lycra. My pattern is the “Starter Stockinette” pattern from p. 22 of Knit Socks!


So far so good, though I am a bit afraid my gauge is off, 15 rows was supposed to put me around 6 cm and it only took me to 5, but that was in the rib, so we’ll see what stockinette does. I had so many problems swatching for Raspy and finding that my gauge was markedly different in stockinette on straight needles as opposed to in the round that I figured I’d just start the pattern and call it my swatch. If it works, yay!, and if not, it wasn’t actually more work than a swatch. It does seem a bit loose, but then again the label on the yarn says something about contraction. So who knows. Maybe you do?

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Posted by on October 18, 2005 in knitting


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