I’m home!

24 Nov

After a wonderfully uneventful flight, I am home in the suburbs of Philadelphia. So far I’ve been running around, playing video games with my brother, catching up with friends, and enjoying the weather. We have seasons here. I love seasons. Austin should try it sometime. I’m a little bored of summer. But what I really really love is that I was in the grocery store and glanced up to notice the pretzel isle. I love my hometown grocery store! Pretzels aren’t mixed in with chips. They wouldn’t fit. They need their own isle. This might be a good time to mention that pretzels are totally my favorite food in the world. You know that whole, if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be question? I would eat philly soft pretzels and icees. It’s one food item. Don’t question it. But you don’t know soft pretzels if you don’t know philly soft pretzels. And I didn’t know ‘til I was out of college that they’re regional. It was very upsetting. Also, it’s snowing. It’s great to be home.

I’ll leave you with some librarian humor: funny alternative error messages for library OPACs.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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