I’m home!

30 Nov

When I was in undergrad, I was always going home. No really, always. Because I called my parents’ house home and I called my dorm room home. I wonder if I’ll ever switch to not calling my parents’ house home. At this point it seems unlikely. I spent 21 years there (counting college, which was 3 hours away, home for summers, winters, every other weekend, etc.). I’ve lived in 3 states and 8 apartments since then, and it’s only been 5 years.

But my point was – I’ve been away. And now I’m back. And behind. Way behind. But so far I’ve been faking my way through. Faking good enough to get me to Thursday. Thursday when I have no classes and can finally catch up. Hopefully. I have a medium size paper due Wednesday. I need to start it. I need to research it first. But luckily it’s more an analytical paper. Nothing near as consuming as the Viking saga. (BTW – that Viking video game I played at my brother’s? No good at all. Not a hack n’ slash. Totally a puzzle game. One of those frustrating ones where it’s just a little to easy to miss a jump, fall into lava and have to start over back at some stupid save point that you didn’t get to choose.)

But knitting? I’ve done so much knitting! I finished the front and half of a sleeve on mom’s cardigan and I started her clapotis because I thought it would be easier plane knitting. I’ve also been eying up my fun new pink and green custom yarn. I’ve been searching for headband patterns online. Boy are there some bad ones. But I think I’m just going to do a simple cable. I haven’t done a cable before, but I’m excited. I’ll try to get some pictures up soon. Also on deck is the circle shrug from the folks at Craftster (via yarn yoga).

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Posted by on November 30, 2005 in knitting, other bits of life


One response to “I’m home!

  1. Lolly

    December 1, 2005 at 6:13 am

    Oh yeah, that Craftster PDF was printed out right away. I tried another shurg similar to that at the end of the summer, but I was just not feeling it. I like this one a lot more. 😉


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