01 Dec

I believe that I am, right now, quite possibly the happiest little knit blogger in the whole entire world. Look at what was waiting on my doorstep today!

This wonderful package is from my wonderful friend Imbrium who obviously totally rocks (which, of course, I knew ever since I found her blog and long before wonderful gifts showed up on my doorstep). In the box (which btw matched the color scheme of the contents) there were 2 skeins of vegan sock yarn, a set of magnificent bamboo double point needles, a really awesome cephalopod named Opie and a sweet card that made me smile. Of course it all made me smile. Or rather, titter and jump around with glee.

Have I said thank you yet? Thank you!

I had been wanting to join the Jaywalker knit-a-long, but didn’t want to try to hunt down vegan sock yarn. I’m so excited!

Progress pics soon, but this obviously couldn’t wait. Now it’s time to eat and go to my knitting group.

And look up whether I can use this yarn for that pattern and if not to find an awesome pattern to go with my awesome new sock yarn. Did I mention I’m excited? Thanks Imbrium! You made my year.


Posted by on December 1, 2005 in knitting


7 responses to “Yay!!!

  1. Lolly

    December 2, 2005 at 7:27 am

    yah for opie, vegan yarn and blog pals! can’t wait to see the jaywalkers – these socks are in my future as well 😉

  2. ellie

    December 2, 2005 at 9:18 am

    Yay for blog pals indeed! Thanks for all the comments Lolly!

  3. Imbrium

    December 2, 2005 at 1:08 pm

    You’re welcome! I’m so glad you like everything! *dance*

  4. ellie

    December 2, 2005 at 2:14 pm

    Dance indeed!


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