Lazy days and good friends.

23 Dec

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and yarn suggestions. I love knitbloggers. Your reward is knitting photos, including an F.O. My last minute gift was not completed before my friend’s arrival, but it was finished before his departure. He’s a friend from college who has become a friend of the whole family and we all look forward to his annual yuletide visit, which invariably include dinner and movies. This particular visit did not include the usual Japanese movies with nonsensical plots, as the family all crashed a little too early. But I did get to see Real Genius for the first time and we watched a whole disc of Doctor Who. Unfortunately during Doctor Who I discovered a flaw in my socks. I attempted to fix it, but it was in the fancy double decrease section two inches down, so that was a no go and I had to rip.

Pattern: Slippers from the Knit Knack Kit
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Encore Mega, color 658
Needles: Size 9 from my Denise kit
Notes: The lady at my lys suggested that since I was using bulky rather than chunky I would want to drop to 9s instead of the suggested 10s. She told me why, but I forget. The slippers are super cute, super comfy, and super quick, but boy do my hands hurt! I think they would have been fine on 10s and my hands would be happier. I suppose they may have been a bit big then though, but there’s a smaller and a larger size, so I could have made the smaller. Or, you know, the yarn it called for. I’m just sayin. My hands. Ouch.

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Posted by on December 23, 2005 in knitting, other bits of life


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