Vacation? What vacation?

30 Dec

Uhg! What a week. It’s going to take me at least another week to recover from it. Aren’t I supposed to be on vacation? Here’s the thing. Ohio is always stressful. To my extended family (who now all have this url thanks to Mom or Dad’s “Hey, tell them about your blog!”) – I love you, it’s not you, it’s us, us and road trips. My immediate family gets along great, we love each other immensely. But road trips, they have this magic power to bring out the worst. In some of us anyway. And I am one of those some of us. Add to this:

  1. The allergy trap basement from hell which is more powerful than my prescription allergy medication, aka “Where Ellie sleeps”
  2. Far too many days away from my sweetie
  3. A grandmother who’s to the ‘making up stories that mostly fit the gaps, but just happen to not be true’ phase of memory loss

and all of a sudden something that is normally “a little stressful, but at least I get to see my family” becomes “when do I get to go home?” The saving grace was my brother’s girlfriend. She is so unflappably positive that I forced myself to live up to her example rather than spiral down further and further into the grump/sulk fest that began on the ride there with a fight with my dad over the temperature of the car.

On a more positive note, I did lots and lots of knitting. Almost non-stop. And I did get to see my family, all of whom I love dearly. Hi family! Thanks for coffee/ breakfast/ cookies/ wonderful conversation/ etc. Some of the knitting highlights include finishing Mom’s cardigan, which there’s no picture of because I bound off too tightly. We discovered this after I had sewn in all the tails, so it was a major operation pulling out the two sleeves and redoing them, but in the end it’s worth it. She loves the way it looks, so I want her to be comfortable in it rather than go out shopping for thinner shirts and only wearing it with them. I still have another sleeve to go on the fix. Is there a stretchier way to bind off that I should know about?

I’ve also made progress on the second Jaywalker, started the Baby Bobbi Bear and finished a hat for me. Pictures are scattered about above for fun. The second hat picture is for color accuracy.

Pattern: “Tundra Hat” from the Knit Knack Kit. This is a fun and handy little kit, though the patterns are very basic, I love that you can grab the one card with your pattern on it and go, rather than carrying around a whole book.
Yarn: Bernat Soft Boucle, 98% acrylic, 2% polyester, color 06163 “dark rose.” I used less than 1 skein at 5oz/skein.
Needles: Size 8 Plymouth 8″ bamboo double points
Notes: I ended up doubling up the yarn to make it thicker and I really love the way this turned out. It’s a beautiful dark wine color. It wound up a little on the large size, even after a trip in the dryer and even though I shortened it from what the pattern said, but I still love it. I plan to make a matching scarf, though I’m not sure whether I’ll double it or go to smaller needles. I’m worried about running out of yarn. I have one skein and maybe a third left. I’ll try for a better picture when I have a less camera shy model. 🙂

Tonight I went out to dinner with a friend and came back with this:

The book is full of recipes from one of my all time favorite restaurants in L.A. My friends rock.


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4 responses to “Vacation? What vacation?

  1. katie

    January 1, 2006 at 10:34 am

    Have you tried the suspended bind-off? I use it on every project now because I used to bind off too tightly on EVERYthing.
    Basically when you slip the stitch over to bind off, instead of letting it slip off the left needle, you leave it there as you knit into the next stitch (the one behind it to the left). Then slip it off as you slip off that new stitch. Um, I suck at explaining things so here’s a little tutorial: Good luck and I hope you get home soon!

  2. ellie

    January 1, 2006 at 11:42 am

    I havn’t tried the suspended bind-off, thanks! I definitely have the too tight bind off problem.

  3. trek

    January 6, 2006 at 10:59 am

    Solid Jaywalkers – awesome.


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