I couldn’t resist.

10 Jan

Here’s a quick post from work. There will be a real one later tonight. My SP needs my questionnaire responses and I have another F.O. and Christmas present to share. But in the meantime…

Validation! Scientific validation!

Bag ‘n’ Trash had a link up to a face recognition program that matches you to celebrities. The first photo I tried matched me with Drew Barrymore. This is validation because according to my parents and a random grocery store clerk who stopped to talk to me and my mom when I was a little kid, I look like Drew Barrymore. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I do not actually look like Drew Barrymore. My parents are convinced she had plastic surgery though. Here’s the thing. Around when she was in ET, and the few years afterwards – that age range for her – well, when I was that age range I looked a bit like she looked in that age range. We’re not the same age, so I’ve never actually looked like her, but apparently, when I was about 10, I looked like she looked when she was 10. And according to some face recognition software I 60% still do. The end.

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Posted by on January 10, 2006 in quiz central


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