Another meme.

21 Jan

This time from The Knit’Nabler

What were you doing 9 years ago?

I’m skipping to Fall of 9 years ago rather than exactly 9 years ago. Trust me, you’ll like the stories better. I was starting up my Junior year of high school. Wow. That was the year of Dave. Man was I obsessed. (If any real life friends reading this know whatever happend to him, please let me know). It was also the year I stopped trying to fit in, which coincidentally made me many more friends. Typical, no? It was the year I started wearing clothes that actually fit, started dying my hair funny colors, started embroidering my jeans. I was in Mass Media and discovering my love for film and editing. I was making my Frolic’s documentary to try to save the little ex-pizza place where all the local garage bands played. (It didn’t work.) I was writing 20-30 page papers every 2 weeks for this class too. This was the year I did a group project with the aforementioned Dave and another longhaired red headed stoner boy. It had to be on a world issue and after making an impressive list of issues we didn’t want to do a project on, we took our list to our teacher, who was duly impressed with our expansive list, but accepted that none of them interested us. He gave us a good look and said (and I quote), “Well, just looking at you guys, how about prostitution?” I love that story. We looked at each other and said yeah, cool, sure. At which point I feel the need to further explain that I was the most straight laced goody two shoes teacher’s pet you ever ever met in your life. We got our class ranks every quarter and at this point I had been #1 every single time except for one quarter in the middle of my freshman year. My teacher looked at me and these two stoners and said, How about prostitution? Yeah.

What were you doing 6 years ago?

I was in my Junior year of college. I was totally out of place because I had taken most of the classes I was supposed to take as a junior in film school as a sophomore because I had planned to do a study abroad, but it fell through. I had made friends with everyone from the year ahead of me and now I was trying to scamper and make friends with my own class so I would have people to help me with my films. But I had fallen in love for the first time and that made everything ok.

What were you doing one hour ago?

Bawling my eyes out and finally starting to really acknowledge that the second person I ever loved really has left me and won’t be coming back.

Name 3 TV programs you can’t turn off if you stumble across them on television.

I don’t have TV currently. But it’s not really by choice. When I could afford cable my answers would have been:

Iron Chef
Good Eats
The Daily Show

Name three things you want to improve upon this year.

My ability to accept compliments gracefully
My job interview skills
My ability to deal with uncertainty

Name three things you can’t live without.

(I’m following Anne’s cue. It says “things,” so I’m excluding humans or animals…)

My computer, including internet access
Dessert, and the ability to eat it out of order
Cell phones

(I’m a communication addict)

Name three things you could…

This last year.
The year before that.
Moving, ever again. After this next time.

Name three things you really like about yourself.

I’m taking more than three and there’s nothing you can do to
stop me.

After the initial freak out over a disruption, I adjust to new
circumstances fairly quickly. I’m really smart, I like the way I tend to just get things. I have a really good relationship with my family. I’m logical, loving, responsible, caring, and supportive. I’m a really good friend and a pretty good knitter. I’m cute and a total nerd. I’m going to be a kick ass librarian.


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7 responses to “Another meme.

  1. anne

    January 21, 2006 at 8:48 am

    Interesting – I didn’t know you went to film school. And yeah, could totally do without the pain of moving!

  2. ellie

    January 21, 2006 at 9:46 am

    Technically it’s more like I went to school for film. It was not a school known for its film program, but, yup, that’s what I studied in undergrad.

  3. incendiary librarian

    January 21, 2006 at 10:04 am

    oh wow, dave. i saw him a few years ago at the gas station in harleysville, and, well… um. not so pretty.
    you will definitely be a kickass librarian. 🙂

  4. ellie

    January 21, 2006 at 7:52 pm

    g- yeah, I found him online a few years ago as the VP of an accounting club. go figure.

  5. incendiary librarian

    January 22, 2006 at 9:44 am

    i could see him living in a dirty old van AND being the vp of an accounting club. at the same time. he’s just interesting like that.

  6. Christine (formerly of B.Weavers)

    January 17, 2007 at 8:50 pm

    Hey – I happened upon your blog this evening, and I DO have some info for you, regarding Dave, though the last time I saw him/spoke to him was over 3 years ago.
    Mr. M, you will be quite astounded to learn, graduated with honors from Temple University, in accounting, of ALL things! (He’s quite good – he did my taxes, actually, his senior year. He did a good job, as I had a decent return that year. The bonus was, it was FREE.) I will add that Dave has become quite the “polo shirt and jeans” accounting type, cut his long hair, gained a few pounds, and mellowed out, much to his benefit. You won’t find him oblitering his mind anywhere these days, as he’s quite a workaholic and a very reliable friend to have in any crisis.
    On another note: Ah, little Frolics! I loved playing there, and over the years I’ve gone on to do “bigger” things muscially, and to play some famous stages, but Frolics was a very welcomed scene. I could tell you a little of what the B. Weaver’s members are up to these days, or at least in the past few years. I’ve not seen any of them in about 8 years, though, but I know the Trotters’ parents quite well, and my ex in-laws are very close with them, so I always hear about the Trotter boys.
    I am actually curious to hear about how Bob Long is doing. He was such a sweet guy. He really cared about all the kids down that way. I actually live a bit closer to the whole Frolics scene, and my husband works in King Of Prussia. We’ve been looking at and thinking about moving down by Skippack/North Wales area. Makes me also wonder where the members of Happy Dog got to in life. They were just amazing musicians. Some of the most talented I’ve known. And I’ve known a lot.
    Anyway, here’s a link to a pic. of Dave, with his honors fraternity, at an awards ceremony some years back. You will NOT recognize him, I can guarantee it. (Though you wouldn’t recgonize me either, as I stopped dying my hair that dark red years ago, went back to my light brown/blonde color, lost a lot of weight when I was pregnant and ill around the clock with severe morning sickness, and I have gotten glasses as well! I’m a nerd myself, so I enjoyed your blog. I LOVE Edward Gorey, too – and I have a youngest daughter who has a Halloween birthday. We’ve gotten her quite a few books with his illustrations, since she’s obviously a crazy Halloween fan!
    PS – I’m the “High Priestess” on that same silly online quiz! Only the coolest ladies will do!
    Oh, and if you don’t remember me…I played bass for
    B. Weavers, but you may remember me more from a band called Blue Eeyd Sun, a few years later. We played a lot more festivals and such, and people remember “BES” more readily, and my participation was more involved in that band, as well. (Lots of singing and songwriting, not just the bass.) I have a photo of me (7 mos. pregnant – it’s hilarious)playing with Blue Eyed Sun at Musikfest on myspace…. you can look it up; I’m Christine Barilla, if you go on there. I love to cook, too. I’m not veggie anymore, (I became severely anemic with pregnancy, and have stayed that way ever since), but I am organic and support sustainable agriculture. (EVERYONE should!)I love your recipes, and I still do LOVE a lot of the organic veggie products I ate when I was still vegetarian. My kids’ favorite cereal is “Koala Puffs” – and thankfully that one’s NOT discontinued, at least not yet! Your fave cereals reminded me of that!
    I wish I could picture who you are…I keep on trying to think back to Frolics…searching my mind for a video camera-toting young girl, with pretty embroidered jeans and an infectious, I am sure, smile!
    Nice to see you here, visit me on myspace, like I said, if you go there, and here’s that link…
    (Oh, and I’m also on Tribe…just signed-up – LOVE IT)

    -Christine Barilla

  7. ellie

    January 21, 2007 at 10:29 pm

    Wow Christine! Thanks for all that. (More coming in an individual email.)


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