A Bloggers (Silent) Poetry Reading

02 Feb

I saw this over at january one and followed it back to Grace’s Poppies.

This was a favorite of mine in high school:

Mediocrity in love rejected by Thomas Carew

GIVE me more Love, or more Disdain;
  The Torrid, or the Frozen Zone
Bring equall ease unto my paine;
  The Temperate affords me none:
Either extreme, of Love, or Hate,
Is sweeter than a calme estate.

Give me a storme; if it be Love,
  Like Danae in that golden showre
I swim in pleasure; if it prove
  Disdain, that Torrent will devour
My Vulture-hopes; and he’s possest
Of Heaven, that’s but from Hell releast:
  Then crown my joyes, or cure my pain; 
  Give me more Love, or more Disdain.

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Posted by on February 2, 2006 in quiz central


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