As promised.

07 Feb

I’m flashing my toolkit. Thanks to Tactless Wonder for sharing the idea.

First up: My knitting bag. One of many (of course), but definitely the one I use the most, and my favorite. I only switch it up if my project is too big for this one, or if this one has one project in it and I want to dash off with something else quick.

The bag was a gift from a very fashionable friend and is one in a line of fabulous bags that I have from her. I unwittingly showed up to her graduation party sporting three different bags she had given me because one was in use as the perfect handbag, another was carrying her unfinished knitted gift so I could show off the progress, and the last one had my current WIP that wasn’t her gift. I had completely forgotten they were all from her and she said, “Ellie, you don’t have to carry around every bag I’ve given you at once.” Also, I frequently find myself walking around with three bags over my shoulder. It’s a problem.

Anyway, on the bag is a knitted flower pin from my fabulous knitting guru friend. There’s also a hairclip because one always needs to have a hairclip or two just in case. Oh, and it’s a Viv Pickle bag, to remind me of Philadelphia. I don’t know if she already knew I love paisley or if she’s just brilliantly in tune with me, but like I said, I love it. And the reason it makes such a great knitting bag is the three pockets on the inside and the magnetic snap closure. To the left you see it stuffed with my gauntlet and Drunken Argyle underneath as well as the pattern and my notebook. To the right is just the supplies.

And now the actual contents (as always, click to enlarge).

  1. Hand sanitizer. This was a stocking stuffer from my mom. I mean Santa. (My mom still insists upon the existence of Santa. I get presents and a stocking, so who am I to complain? I have made her promise that when I have kids of my own she has to explain how she got all the presents set up when we were little. We left the house together to go to Ohio. In Ohio there were Polaroids of our tree back home along with one or two little gifts. We came home and everything was just like the Polaroid. I’d guess neighbors only I don’t think we had that kind of a relationship with any of them. And I swear we all left the house and came back in together. She had me snookered for years past your average kid with those Polaroids.) Not sure if I’ve used it yet, but you can bet I will as soon as I hear someone say, “Oh yeah, something’s going around.”
  2. You saw my sai keychain. I got a necklace too. It’s too hideous to wear as a necklace though, so I tossed it in my knitting bag.
  3. Little ruler/gauge guide/needle size checker. This was part of my
    score from a (non-knitting) friend who regularly goes dumpster diving and showed up one day with a huge bag of knitting goodies for me. Contradictory to #1, I’ve done nothing to sanitize any of the items I got from this find. Go figure.
  4. Scissors.
  5. Calculator. Scientific calculator. Cause that’s the only one I own. It’s the one I got to go off to college. I used it in Calculus and Physics when I thought I might double major in astrophysics and film and make science documentaries. Then after my freshman year when I filled my last math requirement I hardly ever touched it again and it got stuck in one of the scientific modes and everything came up as 3.20000000000 X 10^2 and I’d just always use the calculator on my computer or cell phone so I didn’t have to mess with it. I finally got it back to normal this last year. It’s also not normally part of the kit, but I needed it to figure out the gauntlets.
  6. Pens. I didn’t realize I had so many in there. But one should always carry at least one pen. I usually have several and a notepad.
  7. Crochet hook. For picking up stitches. I love picking up stitches. It makes me feel very advanced or something.
  8. Chibi. I had heard the love, but thought how silly, I don’t need anything to carry my needles. They stay just fine in the cardboard and plastic they came in thanks to my skillful opening technique. Then one day I was on a notions kick and bought one. So much better now. There’s also a random stitch marker in there.
  9. Measuring tape. I think this was a coincidental perfect random gift from my mom (another stocking stuffer, different year). I had just snapped my last one when she gave me this one.
  10. Row counter. I have two, but the other one is on Drunken Argyle. This was part of my notions purchasing kick, which really only consisted of the row counters, a chibi, and a pack of yarn needles, but included admiring many many fake antiquey items.
  11. Stitch holders. Part of the dumpster diving find.
  12. Stitch markers. In a little pill case. Also from the dumpster. I don’t actually know if they literally came out of a dumpster, or were just left by the side of the road, or what. There were tons of needles in there too, but mostly really old, bad, plastic ones. I’m thinking a grandma couldn’t use them anymore. I took what I wanted and shared the rest with my knitting group.
  13. Cable needle. Another dumpster item.
  14. A pair of earrings that I got from a handmade art/craft sale back in undergrad. They’ve rusted, so I thought I might use them as stitch markers, but that probably will never happen now that I have…
  15. Brand new stitch markers that I made myself! I’ll have a whole post on them soon.
  16. Yarn cutter. One of those antiquey notions I had been admiring. Christmas gift from the ex. Stupid breakups.

Oh, and TAG. You’re it. Let me know in the comments if you flash your toolkit.


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5 responses to “As promised.

  1. Imbrium

    February 7, 2006 at 10:32 am

    I’m not sure what it says about me that I love (virtually) looking through other people’s knitting bags.
    Oh, wait, yes I do. It says that I’m incurably nosy, which we all already know. Thanks for indulging me. 😉

  2. ellie

    February 7, 2006 at 1:01 pm

    Hehe, no problem. You’re next!

  3. katie

    February 7, 2006 at 1:53 pm

    Thanks for posting your toolbag! I found you through Tactless Wonder.

  4. ellie

    February 7, 2006 at 3:40 pm

    Thanks for the idea katie!

  5. Mary

    February 7, 2006 at 4:02 pm

    Wow, I never thought of including a bag for the project as the “tool bag” itself, cool deal. If I ever fix my sewing machine…(LOOONG STORY, hmmm maybe it’ll be my next post) I’ll have to think seriously about making something like yours, w/the super useful pockets!


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