Just for Kasha.

10 Mar

So I wasn’t going to post on vacation, but Kasha was heartbroken. She wanted a post from her house. So here you go Kasha! You can see I’ve been working on Dad’s vest. I finished one diamond so far. Good times. This thing is going to take forever! But it’s pretty impressive. I may have to make myself one.

As you see from the photo, this is a mac household. Sadly my poor little sony vio has not been able to access the airport express, but it is also a multi laptop household, so that hasn’t really been a problem. Also, I hate to admit this, but Miss Kasha blew me away with her household’s networking prowess. I saw her put a cd (I was making her listen to Jens) into the laptop, but then I heard music coming from the beautiful speaker across the room. I stared dumbfoundedly back and forth between the laptop and the speaker. Kasha looked at me quizzically wondering what had me so confused. Eventually I said, “I thought you put the cd in the laptop.” She was delighted. She did. Ah networking!

Vacation? It rocks. Have I already mentioned that I’ve never been on a real vacation before? Not on my own, not as an adult. I always just go to visit family. This is my first trip not to PA or Ohio. I love it! Yesterday I ate at Cafe Brazil. Today I made it to Vegan Express and the Museum of Jurassic Technology. I have pictures, but I forgot the cord to get them off of my camera. So that will have to be later. But yeah, the Museum of Jurassic Technology? Definitely the oddest collection of randomness I’ve ever had the pleasure to encounter. It had a collection of microscopic flowers that had been “painted” from scales from butterfly wings. One case had some madelines and an empty tea cup. The text accompanying it was a little story of a person who normally didn’t want tea, but said OK this time and felt really good afterwards. There were three tubes coming from the base of the case to the front pane where they attached to metal discs. I was trying to figure out whether they were supposed to be pumping out smells or what their purpose may have been, but I just don’t know. The whole place was definitely eerie and I’m pretty sure it was meant to make you uneasy. Upstairs there were portraits of all the dogs that had done early space flights. Like full on painted artistic portraits, along with information about how they prepared for the missions. Yeah… There was also a big chunk on old wives tales and superstitions, but with display cases with related artifacts or dioramas. And the whole place was incredibly underlit and with weird changes in floor levels. It rocked.

And I saw the IMAX film Deep Sea 3D. Oh my god it was so amazing!! Shawn, don’t be mad I saw it without you. I will totally see it again! It was stunning. If you are anywhere near an IMAX definitely go see it. It captured some of the most gorgeous creatures and some of their most interesting interactions. It totally makes up for that James Cameron nonsense from a few months ago. (Although technically speaking, I don’t think this one actually goes into the deep at all and James did.) OK, back to goofing off. Full report when I’m back in Austin. xoxo.


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3 responses to “Just for Kasha.

  1. Emily

    March 11, 2006 at 4:04 pm

    Thank goodness you made it to the Museum. That place is awesome. You didn’t perchance also make it to the Center for Land Use Interpretation next door, did you? They share the library/bathroom/interests. I guess not but it’s really good as well and their exhibits change more frequently.
    I’m excited about the 3D deep sea movie. We’ll have to go. We have free tickets to royal century theaters so I’ll have to see if it’s playing at any of them. If we were in NYC, we’d just go to the Imax theater at the Museum of Natural History (where I spent about 1/2 my childhood.)

  2. Imbrium

    March 13, 2006 at 12:56 pm

    Grr…our IMAX doesn’t seem to have it, and there’s no info under “Upcoming Shows.”
    I’m glad you’re having fun. The sweater’s looking great!

  3. ellie

    March 16, 2006 at 9:34 am

    I did not make it to the Center for Land Use Interpretation. Maybe next time now that I know about it.
    Imbrium – Grr indeed. Keep an eye out, it was a good one!


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