As promised.

21 Mar

Here’s the pattern I used for the gauntlets. (click to enlarge)

Yes, I’m aware this is totally useless to you. But it is the pattern I used. 🙂

OK, OK, I’ll explain…

Basically I did a swatch to get my gauge. (size 3 needles, something approaching dk or sport weight yarn)

I measured the circumference of my wrist and of my knuckles to get how many stitches to cast on and how many to decrease down to.

I also measured the distance from my knuckles to my wrist to see how many rows I had to decrease over.

Now you’ll see that my math told me to cast on 44 stitches.

You’ll see on the next page that I actually cast on 52 stitches (26 tubularly, which leaves you with 52). That’s because it was too tight, so I just added some til I liked the fit.

Then I did 1×1 ribbing for an inch. Then k7, pm, p3, k6, p3, pm to set up my off center cable. Knit in stockinette (with a 6 stitch cable at the markers, cabling on row 6) until you want a thumb.

I wrote no notes on how I made the thumb. But when it got to the right length where it was time to make the thumb I eyeballed where I wanted the thumb to be, put 3 stitches on string, did a provisional cast on of 11 stitches and knit those 11 stitches in where I lifted out the other 3. This left working stitches to come back to when I knit up the thumb. (I know that’s a terrible description, but I only knew how to do it because my knitting guru friend showed me, so I’m not prepared to teach it just yet. One helpful note though is to divide those 11 stitches between 2 needles to help with pulling.)

Next up, decrease 4 stitches every 4 rows 6 times (1 stitch on each side of thumb gusset and 1 stitch on each side of the other side of your hand – which I did by trying it on and placing markers on each side of 11 stitches, again, eyeballing it.)

When it measures 6 inches increase 1 stitch every 3 rows. I increased from the center of the non cabled side. When it’s a bit less than the length you want switch to ribbing for at least an inch or two then bind off.

And that’s all you’re getting!


Posted by on March 21, 2006 in knitting


2 responses to “As promised.

  1. Imbrium

    March 21, 2006 at 4:11 pm

    And I’m grateful for every letter of it. :p
    Actually, looking at your math and scribbles is quite useful – if nothing else, it reminds me that I actually do remember at least some math, and that it’s really not that scary. Thank you very much for posting this “pattern.”


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