Coming up for air

06 May

Tuesday was a big deadline. I gave a presentation on my “capstone” project. It’s supposed to be a culminating experience kind of thing, like a final internship or practicum. You give a 10-15 minute presentation at the end of the semester to the entire program.


Usually your advisor, the dean, the other presenters, and the other presenters’ advisors are the only ones there. It actually went really really well. Especially considering that I wrote my presentation at 2am the morning of, practiced it twice before bed (the first time freezing every 2 slides and telling myself how much I sucked) and once during class a few hours before. (The teacher offered us class time to practice and I jumped on it.) The dean, who is notorious for tossing out tough questions (I think just to mess with you) had no questions for me and even congratulated me on a job well done.

I immediately partook of some retail therapy as a reward.

Oh, and of course there’s the important factor that I’m not actually done with the project yet. But we’re not thinking about that right now. It’s over half done and it’s getting set aside until the 10th. I’m cranking out my independent study final product this week. Then back to the capstone to be completed by the 18th. We’re down to the wire here.

So how am I spending my time?

I went to Oklahoma City to help my boyfriend flyer for a rock camp he’s putting together up there. (I did get to knit a little on the drive, but I didn’t have the smaller size needles with me to start on the ribbing, so there’s nothing much to show there.) If you know musicians aged 10-18 in OKC, send them to They’ll have fun. It was, overall, a pleasant and much needed distraction, but now it’s back to plugging away. I also took some time to be crafty Tuesday night to celebrate being done with my reference class and having that presentation out of the way. That’s what you see peppering this post. I’m especially proud of my first foray back into embroidery. I love that dino. The bracelet on the right here has little B in the background because she’s responsible for the condition of my hand. This is after many days of healing. And you can’t see all the damage. There are more farther up my arm. I think she might hate me.

Lastly, look what my sweetie brought me back from tour. Isn’t he the best?


4 responses to “Coming up for air

  1. anne

    May 6, 2006 at 3:05 pm

    I loooooovvvvee the dino. Congrats on some jobs well done, both craft- and school-wise!

  2. Imbrium

    May 8, 2006 at 12:32 pm

    The triceratops is totally cute! Congratulations on your presentation, and good luck on your projects!

  3. ellie

    May 10, 2006 at 8:48 pm

    Thanks guys!


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