Busy busy.

13 Jun

You’d think being unemployed I’d be lazing around reading, knitting, beading, watching TV or otherwise relaxing. Yeah. Not so much. I’ve been running around like crazy. It’s mostly good though. I’ve been catching up with friends. Going out to eat, out to movies, out to coffee shops. But it does mean I haven’t been spending much time in one place to really relax. Plus there’s the job hunting. I had an interview for a part time data entry position. I’m proud to report I scored over 10,000 ksph (the job required at least 8,000) on the alphanumeric test with 100% accuracy. I also have an interview for an actual library position tomorrow. Total entry level (like unpacking boxes entry level), but still it would be good to be working. And in a library, even better. I’ve also gotten a super short term research project that I need to finish up in the next day or two. So it looks like I’ll be able to piece together a living and catch my breath here after all.

I went through my “stash” with a friend the other day and picked out some projects for the odds and ends I’ve got floating around. Here’s one:

It’s based on the lace pattern from this, but I only had 2 skeins, so it’s more of a halter top. I’m not sold on it yet. We’ll see how it does once it’s got its straps.

I had also been hoping to do some more cooking. I haven’t had time to pore over the recipe books, but I whipped up one of my favorite quickie soups. Vegetarian chicken broth (I get the powdered one from Whole Foods), broccoli, tofu, and noodles (I often use soba, but I had a couple boxes of these vermicelli sitting around).


Posted by on June 13, 2006 in knitting, other bits of life


2 responses to “Busy busy.

  1. Craig McClain

    June 15, 2006 at 11:23 pm

    Just wanted to bring your attention to this post Anyway you can generate some excitement among your visitors/friends

  2. Kasha

    June 16, 2006 at 12:56 pm

    Your score is super hot! And the accuracy. Deeply satisfying, for sure. I’m glad you’re having frolic. Party down during unempolyment–I sure am!


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