Project Spectrum.

02 Jul

Um…. Apparently I forgot all about Project Spectrum in June. We could try to count the back of Drunken Argyle, but we all know it doesn’t really count. Well now it’s July. I love July. Probably mostly because it contains my birthday. And because it’s the middle of the summer so there’s usually something fun going on and no school. But I have to admit, I don’t love purple. This could change as my main reason for not loving purple is that I don’t like the way it looks with jeans and I only wear jeans. In fact, mostly jeans and black tops. With my new professional status I’m branching out in my wardrobe. There could be a place for purple. Though I’m starting slow, with brown. I had intended to hold out until July to make Fad Classic (which I do love), but I just didn’t have the restraint. But I did have some purple beads stashed away. They’re up in my etsy shop (along with with new discounted prices on the old stuff.) So here you go. Project Spectrum, July:

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Posted by on July 2, 2006 in general craftiness


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