Fun items from the world of nerd/geekery

24 Aug

I have a couple of fun items to share:

First up – When gaming and librarians collide! – Blizzard, creators World of Warcraft, needs an archivist. I am not remotely qualified for this position, nor do I have any desire whatsoever to live in Irvine, but I can still covet.

More in the news of librarianship (or at least classification schemes) with bonus science content – Pluto, no longer a planet.

More sciencey goodness – Deep Sea News reports that Alvin is hooked up to Google Earth – probably too techy for me to do much with, but I may be checking it out when I have free time again. Regardless – way cool!

Last and best – Discovery Channel is doing a special on the giant squid! (I should say, re-airing, but I didn’t know about it before, so it’s news to me!)

Oh wait, actual best – the 12 hour days stop in exactly 1 week!

Yeah, life is good.

p.s. – Hot Library Smut (actually breathtaking images of libraries)

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Posted by on August 24, 2006 in general geekdom


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