To sleep, perchance to knit…

28 Sep

I had my first knitting dream!

Backstory: So I decided to finish out Shawn’s scarf since there was so little yarn left and then reknit the scarf from the finished scarf rather than frog it. I figured this would allow me to make a better guess on how much thinner I would need to make it and would be less tangley than knitting from two balls. As I was going along I kept jokingly asking Shawn, what do you think, is it long enough? (Hint: No) And he’d try to be encouraging and say maybe it would be, or maybe I could make it a keyhole scarf, or something. I told him how generally you make a scarf as long as the person is tall and then showed how it only came from my feet up to a little past my knees.

The dream: I was sitting in bed, knitting along on the scarf when I noticed that it was almost as long as me. I stood up to double check and thought, oo, I could totally block this the little bit longer that it needs to be.

My first knitting dream. Kind of reminds me of the first time I dreamt in Spanish and woke up so proud that my grammar had been correct. Too bad there still isn’t enough yarn…

p.s. – I’m done transcribing and I LOVE my new job. Life is good. Expect a lot more knitting content.

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