Happy Thanksgiving!

21 Nov

Not a lot of knitting going on here lately. This weekend was spent with Shawn and his dad working on his house. They got a fence up so we can let Parker out unsupervised which he LOVES LOVES LOVES. They also laid bamboo flooring in the back room. I have no before pictures, but trust that it was a nasty junk room. And now it’s going to be my loom room! I’m super excited. Speaking of which, Saturday I picked up the loom I’m borrowing from the guild. I also re-shelf-papered the kitchen. It’s SO MUCH nicer now. I also used my credit card points to get Home Depot gift cards, so we’re getting a new ceiling fan and Shawn’s dad is getting him a kitchen table. I cannot express how much I love doing domestic things, so this weekend was such a good time for me. Plus Sunday I went to the Renaissance Festival. Good times.
Monday was my 2nd interview and I think it went well and she said they’re Very Interested in me. So that’s good right? The picture is the progress on my scarf.

I also made a soup the other night that I thought I’d share. I didn’t know what to make for dinner since my cupboards were getting pretty bare (in Ellie terms). I was down to dry  and canned goods and nothing seemed to really go together. I rummaged around and found a bag of frozen mixed mushrooms, added a can of beans, vegetarian chicken broth, cooked those up with some sesame oil, garlic, and brags then added some noodles at the end. Delish!

I’m off to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a delicious week!

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Posted by on November 21, 2006 in knitting, other bits of life


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