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07 Jan

Oh what a glorious weekend. I measured out a new warp and got it onto the loom. I’m doing another shawl in more of the same yarn, but this time in a twill, without the novelty yarn, and with a stripe of the darker purple running lengthwise. This time I warped the loom all by myself and despite warnings, managed to sustain a weaving injury. When you’re tying on to the front beam you tie on small bundles of the yarn like in the picture and retightening the large number of knots repeatedly to get an even tension across the whole thing can rub on your fingers. In this case so much so that I rubbed some of the skin off of both my middle fingers. Is it bad that I’m proud? Next time, band aids go on for cushioning before warping instead of for repairs after.

I have to say that I REALLY enjoyed warping the loom, sitting in my craft room, sipping tea, listing to crafty podcasts… This is a good thing because for such a small project warping takes longer than weaving. I loved it so much that part way through I ran out to find Shawn and hug him for giving me a craft room.

And speaking of crafts, I’ve got another one in the works. I picked up my new sewing machine on Friday and got a quick primer on some of the functions. This coming Saturday I start lessons. Today I went shopping for fabric and notions for our first project. We’re making messenger bags, like these (scroll down). I’m using the brown as the bag, the floral as the liner, and the pink as the applique, which will be a hummingbird (this hummingbird actually). I also spotted some stunning eggplant fabric and picked up 7 yards of it hoping it would be enough for a dress. (I called Shawn first to have him tell me how much fabric the dress pattern I already had called for, but it really wasn’t fair of me to expect him to be able to read the pattern envelope.) I received this dress pattern for Christmas, but it seems too light and summery for such a deep color (the photo does NOT do the eggplant justice). When I got home I bought this pattern (my 7 yards will be much more than enough, someone remind me to stop shopping without project measurements). While I can’t wait to get started I’m going to wait until I’ve finished the first lesson (and maybe a few after that if I like them) so that it turns out really well instead of being a disastrous learning experience. I also bought the dotted fabric just because it reminded me so much of my childhood. I’m thinking short sleeved blouse. If I stick with the lessons to level 3, we make a blouse…

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