Friends from the North, feel free to laugh.

16 Jan

No school (or work) today because of the weather!

I love my new job to death, but I am thankful for the extra time off because this weekend was supposed to be a huge craft bonanza starting with an all day sewing class on Saturday and continuing on to a no responsibility Sunday spent poring over all my craft books and selecting new projects. Instead I got out of bed Saturday morning and stepped right into an inch of water.

So the weekend was spent dealing with the flood. On the bright side, the house has never been so clean! It looks great and I even got Shawn to clean up a couple boxes of stuff that had been lying around and irking me madly (I am ridiculously tidy). So that’s why I’m thankful for yesterday’s MLK holiday and today’s snow day. I’ve gone through all my magazines and made some notes. I think I found a pattern that will work great with my Christmas yarn, but I’m trying to wait until I finish Drunken Argyle to jump into something new for myself. Today it’s the books and some knitting.

I also finished my second shawl. I wish there were a way to let you feel both shawls. They are SO different. My mom’s (in the plain weave) was very drapey and silky. This one (in a straight twill) is almost spongy, more like a chenille.

My first shawl was a huge success. This one was a huge learning experience.

Lessons learned:

  1. Despite all the problems I had, I like warping front to back and not messing with raddles and lease sticks.
  2. If I’m not going to mess with a raddle, I need to do something to better distribute the yarn along the back beam before tying on.
  3. Put on band aids before tensioning at the front beam to prevent blisters.
  4. After getting the tension right, you have to tie another knot to keep it that way. (That’s a biggie.)
  5. Don’t wash the project until you finished doing whatever you’re going to do with the ends unless you’re going for the sea creature effect.
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