Making time, not finding it.

03 Mar

I signed up for a level one sewing class. I had debated whether I should have jumped right to level two*, but I decided to start with the basics. In some parts I was definitely ahead of the class, but I still learned a lot. Especially about tension, cutting, pinning, appliqué, different kinds of threads, and other notions I’ll want around. Some of which I bought from the shop.

This bag and zippered pouch was the project. The magazine is where I got my appliqué idea. I have to say the class was totally worth it. Partially because I learned some new things, but just as much because it made me take six hours a week just for me to work on a craft and learn new skills. I’ll probably sign up for level two, but I’m not sure when. So in the meantime, I want to take that very important lesson learned and start scheduling myself some time when I am supposed to craft (sew, weave, knit, embroider, whatever). Time that I won’t worry about my to do list, or catching up on email or blogs, or cleaning, or packing lunch and laying out clothes – those can all get done when I get back from “class” just like they did while I was taking the real class. I’m excited.

So excited that I warped my loom. (And remembered to tie that second knot.)

Also, for scale:

*I sewed a lot in jr. high and high school – including a Scarlet O’Hara dress, but always with my mom or a teacher available.

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