Meet the newest edition to my family.

18 Apr

I call him my Pikmin Plant. He’s actually an adenium (click for some gorgeous adult specimens), but I defy any lover of Pikmin to disavow the resemblance. (P.S. Claire – when Pikmin 3 comes out, I’m requisitioning your Wii.)

I’ve been super busy. The Texas Library Association Annual Conference was last week/weekend and I had a blast. If you’re interested in what went down or some of the things that get me really excited about my job, send me an email and I’ll forward you the report I wrote up. Since coming back I’ve been busy writing up that report and catching up on work emails and life in general. I did complete about 6 more rows on Drunken Argyle, so there will be a picture of that soon. I’m trying to get back into knitting, and crafting in general. I’ve been gone too long. I also spent Sunday creating a plant care bible and Excel spreadsheet to keep track of watering and fertilizing all of our various houseplants. That used many divider tabs and was very satisfying.

Random cool things:

  • WikiSky – “an interactive sky map with point-and-click accessibility. You can simply point your mouse at any sky object and a small pop-up appears displaying the name and a brief description of that object. By clicking on the object you instantly have access to detailed information” (press page)
  • Sheep pancake form – You know you need one. I sure do.
  • Google offers free 411 – No more $1.50 directory listings!
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