Wonderful weekend

01 May

Last weekend I traveled to Houston for the  Contemporary Handweavers of Texas annual conference. It was everything I hoped it might be. I was surrounded by lovely fiber crazed ladies, bought too much yarn, knitted a ton (pictures forthcoming), and generally had a blast. I went to three classes, a fashion show, awards ceremony, and business brunch. I had entered my shawl into the members exhibit, but I don’t think I’m ever likely to score very well. The judges comment – needs more glitz. These ladies had no qualms about the glitz, let me tell you. And good for them I say! But not for me thanks.

One of the best things was to have a weekend with no obligations, no cleaning, no errand running, no pressure. It was joyous. And boy, I’ve just about never met a nicer group of people than weavers.

Being away though means I fell even farther behind in my blog reading. Google reader stops counting after 100, but since I have that in just about every folder and seven folders in all… Yeah… I love you. I’ll try to return to commenting soon.

Also, I have no intention of making any of the projects from this issue, but I am very glad that The AntiCraft exists.

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Posted by on May 1, 2007 in general craftiness, knitting, weaving


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