Molly, pitcher!

26 May

dressskirtSo I’m working on this skirt. And I was so proud that I was taking bits and pieces of a few different pattern options and combining them into something new that was more like what I thought I wanted. As I attached the layers together I was suddenly reminded of dressing up as Molly Pitcher for an elementary school oral book report. Not the look I was going for… I thought if I hiked it up a little I could hit Alice in Wonderland. Also, not the look I’m going for…

So I’m now planning on chopping many inches off the top to bring it up to knee length, then gathering the top like crazy (rather than cutting length off the bottom) to give it more fullness and adding a blue waistband instead of white. I’m also going to remeasure myself and maybe make a smaller waistband than I thought was right, since this thing is way too big in every which way.fabric

I made myself the wrap dress that’s been making the circuit too, but that is currently a similar disaster. Some darts and/or other types of tucking are in its near future, but the colors are so unlike anything I wear that I worry a proper fit won’t make a difference. It looks so cute crumpled on my desk though. I love the colors. (And my decorative hem.) I just don’t know if I’m ready for them yet. I’ve only recently ventured from black into brown you know.

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