12 Jun

Construction has finally started on our new drainage system!!! Hooray to not flooding!!!

Right now we’re at the huge moat around the house stage.



Side alley (where most of the water comes in):


Front yard:


Gratuitous front porch plants shot (be sure to tell Shawn what a good job he did installing the windows and the door!):


We’ve been moving some out from the craft room to get the summer sun, but we’ve also been buying more. We want to fill up the whole porch, but not all of ours can take summers outdoors.) When winter comes and it’s time to bring them in again we’re doomed. Ok, maybe not doomed, but we’ll have to convert the guest room into a second green house. My craft room won’t hold them all. I love plants!

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Posted by on June 12, 2007 in other bits of life


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