Maker Faire = ZOMG Ponies!!111

23 Oct


maker4So this weekend I volunteered at Maker Faire in Austin with my weaving guild. So awesome. I walked around for a lot of Saturday, but I was having so much fun at our booth on Sunday that I forgot to go see the stuff I hadn’t gotten to. We even got an editor’s choice ribbon! I helped a lot of kids (and some adults) weave on tiles, showed people of all ages and genders how a floor loom worked, and even learned to spin and ply on a drop spindle and then turned around and taught that too! We were giving away the tiles, some cardboard looms, and cd drop spindles to anyone who wanted to learn.

There was a giant working version of Mouse Trap, an art car display along with a make your own art car activity, giant Tesla coils, people cutting open toy musical instruments and playing with the insides, amigarumi, exploding diet coke and mentos, screenprinting, dying, and so much more! It was such a fantastic celebration of ingenuity and experimentation. I was in heaven.maker1maker2maker3


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