Thank you secret pal!

05 Nov

I was out picking up a few things for my coffee swap pal (Hi Cass! Boy does my craft room smell good! I hope the coffee tastes as good as it smells!) and what did I come home to but a fabulous secret pal package. Upon opening:


All unpacked. We see yummy yummy swedish fish, lovely lavender cascade fixation (which we all know makes a mean panta as well as a lovely vegan sock option), adorable sheepy bookmark, hand salve (good looking out sp!), darling notepad and calendar, handknit pumpkin cloth (I tried taking a picture of the detail, just trust me, there’s an awesome pumpkin under there) and various other lovelies:


Puffer ball! Did you know about my puffer fish soap dispenser?


And, the piece de resistance….

Habu! I am going to have to come up with something fabulous to do with this. Thank you so much for sending 3! I’m thinking a top of some sort.


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Posted by on November 5, 2007 in swap


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