Thank you Cass!

08 Dec

Cass sent me the most lovely swap package (for the knitters coffee swap)! She reused the box I sent hers in (hence the “never ending swap box!”) Which reminds me – I have this blue puffy envelope I’ve had since high school that I send things back and forth in (it’s perfect for CDs) – mostly to my brother, but I’ve let one friend and my mom in on the action – both with a strict warning on the history of the envelope and the importance of keeping it going only to people who will send it back or on to someone else who would keep it going within our little loop. It’s been all around the U.S. and always puts a smile on my face when it shows up in my mailbox. I hope it does the same for those I send it to. This box definitely did with my hilarious pirate packing tape showing up on my doorstep. And I have to say – genius stuffing a bag with newspaper for padding – ecological without getting newspaper smear on everything!


And then the goodies!


Such wonderful goodies! The coffee looks delightful! I think I’ll take the holiday blend home with me to Pennsylvania to enjoy over the holidays. The coffee mug is the perfect size for our household. The little notepads are super mod – I can’t decide whether to use them at home or take them in to cheer up my office. The chili pepper loofah is already hanging over my sink and the adorable sheepy made me wish I had set up a tree this year. It’s definitely going on next year! (It’s hanging from my warping board right now.) I LOVE the fabric – especially since Cass pointed out that it looks like little abstract sheep. So true! Shawn and I were just lamenting our stinky dog house – so the candle came just in time. (I already have an air purifier going in our bedroom and vacuum every week – if anyone wants to share ideas for un-dog-stinking your bedroom [without actually stopping your dogs from sleeping in bed with you that is] I’d love to hear them.) And there really should be a way to send texture over the internet so you could all feel how soft that yarn is. I’m thinking an really nice scarf.

And speaking of the coffee swap. Now that Cass has her package, (in two posts) I can share some other pictures with you.

I had so much fun making this apron! I’m glad you like it Cass! The pattern is from Doodle Stitching and I cannot recommend that book highly enough!

cswap3 cswap4 cswap5


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