My tangled warp

17 Feb

I had intentions of hurrying up and getting this warp off the floor so that Mashti would stop running through it and B would stop hiding behind it when Mashti was chasing her, but I’ve been flitting around, cleaning my craft room, finishing spinning and plying some of my fiber from Insubordiknit, making cookies, etc. So here are some progress shots.

I got the back all knotted on. I lined up all the ends nearly perfect. While this is what the instructions say to do to avoid loom waste – the instructions are WRONG! If your ends are only a little bit off, but lying next to each other nicely, let them be. Making them perfect just means you have to keep adjusting the whole length of the yarn. In this case all 11.5 yards of it. I knew this already, but did it anyway since I figured I already had such a mess. But I’m combing through it slowly but surely.   warp3warp1warp2


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Posted by on February 17, 2008 in weaving


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