Yum and fun plans

07 Mar

That was dinner a few nights ago. The cornmeal/lime/chili tofu recipe from Veganomicon (which by the way, I convinced the nutrition bibliographer at my library to order for the school). Super delicious, though not nearly as lime-y or chili-y as expected. Next time we’re halving the cornmeal to make it stronger. This is also the third or fourth all beige meal Shawn and I have sat down to and each time I proclaim how I’ve just failed 7th grade home ec. (They taught us you want a variety of colors on the plate.) But hey, at least I got some veggies in there! We’re some of the least veggie eating veg*ns out there. Most nights it’s seitan or tofu and rice. I want to make a bigger effort to have a veggie with every dinner. I love veggies, we just somehow never think to make them while we’re picking out flavors for sauces and rice seasonings…

In other news, we’re going to Dallas this weekend to visit the Museum of Nature and Science. I’m super excited and will try to remember to take lots of pictures. I’m especially excited for the planetarium. I hope they put on a good show! We’re staying at a cute little bed and breakfast and I’ve already scoped out the local vegan restaurants. Have a fabulous weekend everyone! I know I will. 🙂


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