28 Aug

So I started weaving the tabby header and it looked pretty terrible. Way too much draw in and just plain ugly. I started on the pattern and realized tabby does not actually get rid of weft floats. Oops.

I did my hem stitching anyway confident that I would figure out a new treadling that would work. I chatted some at the weaving guild board meeting tonight and one of my wonderful weaving friends offered that I could come back to her place and we’d figure it out. She opened up a fantastic pattern book and her weaving software and we played around some. Nothing really caught me as fantastic, but I figured something would
work out.

Then she asked me what my sett was. Ooops. You’re supposed to figure out your sett based on a number of things then use that to sley your reed. I had just put one strand of yarn through every slot without thinking about it. I decided if I was going to have to untie everything anyway, then just forget this project all together. I’m housing the guild’s mighty wolf floor loom right now – I’d much rather be playing with that.

So my friend told me how I can recreate the cross by making a tabby shed, inserting a stick, then making the opposite shed and putting in another stick. I did that and wound it off the loom.

The mighty wolf needs a fair amount of TLC before it’s ready to weave on, so that’s my next project. I may warp it up with this red yarn, or I may do something else first. I have a friend’s wedding coming up and another friend having a baby. Those may take presidence.

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Posted by on August 28, 2008 in weaving


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