Oh, oh, oh it’s Magic

26 May

IMG_3692I’ve recently been pulled back into playing Magic (it didn’t take much) and I’ve got it in my head that obviously I need handcrafted deck boxes. The problem with this is that I am jumping into crafting without first fully conceptualizing what I need. I was all set to go shopping with mom tomorrow to make these beautiful paperboard boxes. I cut out the template and was fiddling around with measurements when I realized that there’s no real mechanism to keep the lid on. I could stick a rubber band around it, but I’m guessing that would rip at the decorative paper. I could tie a ribbon around  it, but that’s too fiddly.


Sewing seems another likely route and I quickly threw together these little pouches before I came to PA. The green one was originally supposed to be the lining for the yellow one, but after I interfaced both of them they didn’t fit together and were way too stiff. The blue one has a pretty peach lining (same as the purse). Right now they’re just held closed by hair ties. I tried putting 2 buttons on and using string to close them like you might an inter-office mail envelope, but I thought it looked pretty stupid. I finally had the idea that I’ll sew a large button hole across all the layers of the top part and add a big button to the outside of the main body. I think that will be the nicest looking option for this version, but I’m still not satisfied with it as the best option. I’m very  proud of my boxed corner bottoms, but other than IMG_3690that I’m full of complaints. The fit is too tight, especially once I folded in the raw edge and hemmed it. You have to reach too far down in and my hand is too big to do so and then the cards get stuck on the hem, so you have to take out fewer at  time. Plus I just don’t like the look of the folded down fabric. I want something neater, cleaner. So if you have any favorite box patterns that include a closure, please let me know. I have a box book I’m borrowing from a friend that I left in Austin, so I’ll be paging through that again next week. I’m also toying with the idea of magnetic closures.

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