Crafting FAIL

06 Jul

IMG_3849IMG_3851So since I’ve picked up playing Magic and actually owning cards rather than just playing my brother’s deck I got it in my head that I needed to craft my own carrying cases for my decks and my individual cards. I borrowed a book on sewn boxes from a friend. I looked at tutorials for papercraft boxes. I brainstormed and even did some sewing. You can also see my somewhat technically successful, but totally ugly attempt at a box for the loose cards in these pics. I opened up Rick’s storebought white cardboard box (in the background) and used it as a template to make myself a black one. I also bought some pretty paper to cut out and put on the sides, but it’s such a shredded disaster that it seems like a waste of the paper, so I’m saving it to glue onto a storebought box.

The other night I spent a couple of hours cutting out and sewing up some plastic canvas as a template with the idea that I would sew up a box and insert the canvas to give it structure. Then I went down to my craft room to look for an appropriate fabric. I saw my beautiful lemon fabric that’s earmarked for a skirt, the purple for a dress, the scraps for more potholders… And I thought to myself, “Why am I wasting so much time and energy on something that costs $2!?” And I went out and bought some deck boxes. I may still try to make those paperboard boxes for fun, because obviously the cutting and gluing are nececary for a polished result, but no more pressure to hurry up and figure something out. I have way better things to be doing that should not be pushed to the back burner.


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Posted by on July 6, 2009 in b kitty, games, general craftiness


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