Vegan MoFo: Day 9

09 Oct

I was running around all day yesterday and knew I was going to be running around all day today too, including a lunch event where I was highly dubious there would be anything I would eat. (They had said there would be a vegetarian option, but hadn’t done a head count and it’s my experience that the omnivores always snap up the veggie options before I make my way over to the buffet.) I usually have a luna bar and tea for breakfast, but I hadn’t thought to grab any from my office and I had a meeting at a different campus first thing in the morning. So this morning I stopped by The Daily Juice and picked up a smoothie for breakfast and an oatmeal cookie (really more like a fruit and nut bar) for lunch.

I had a hard time not eating the whole cookie right away.


Then tonight I made myself some perogies. For the record, perogies must be served with loads of sour cream, butter, salt and pepper, and a little bit of marinara sauce. I’m lazy and pour a little bit of marinara in the bottom of my bowl and then let the perogies do the heating.


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