Vegan MoFo: Day 16

16 Oct

Just in case anyone stumbling by is a fellow Austinite and doesn’t already know about the site, I just squandered away a few hours of my evening over at Vegans Rock Austin! (instead of doing my mending, weaving, filling out my passport paperwork, etc.). I had completely forgotten about this site. And my how it’s changed since I signed up with them in 2004! So many more members, reviews, and  much more! Well done guys.

Dinner tonight was just heating up some frozen vegan tamales. (I ❤ my local co-op.) It did taste better than it looks, but I’ll admit, not amazingly better.


When I was in undergrad I ate a lot of instant pudding. I was very sad to discover it just didn’t work with soy milk. And too lazy to make pudding from scratch. I bought this dessert pudding at Central Market over a year ago and never got around to making it before. It worked! And was gooooood….


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Posted by on October 16, 2009 in veganmofo 2009, yummy in my tummy



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