Vegan MoFo: Day 1 (FTW!)

01 Oct

Yay Vegan MoFo!

And it’s off to an incredibly auspicious start. We were out running errands this morning and ran into several extra special bonus prizes.

We went to Ethique Nouveau specifically for the cheddar crackers (which are fantastic), but found lots of other treats. I’m especially excited to try the honey substitute since I have a smoothie I love that isn’t quite the same without honey. Then we were off to Costco where we noticed those shiny boxes you see in the back of the picture. Rick thought they were just boxes and was commenting on them, but upon further inspection they turned out to be the vegan thin mints that we had been pining for ever since finding them once at Costco and never again afterwards. Last up in this pic is the new issue of PC Gamer which we hadn’t been able to find at our local Barnes & Noble or a few other places, but did find at the grocery store near the Costco that we almost didn’t go to because I wanted to wait and go to our local co-op. But I am SO glad we stopped in at Rainbow. Not only do I now have my “free” League of Legends champion and skin, but best of all they carry something that I have been on a serious hunt for ever since moving to Minneapolis in May.

Vegan pierogies!

 I bought every box they had, which was sadly only 2 boxes. But now I know where to go in the future. I planning to make onigiri for dinner, so that will likely be tomorrow’s post.


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