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Cross stitch progress


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It grows!


Also, I ❤ macro:


I’ve been working on this during car rides and NASCAR while I’m visiting my folks. I always forget how much I enjoy cross stitch.

Born Crafter

Another relic dug up from clearing out my childhood room – my hippie pants. It all started with a pair of my dad’s old bell bottoms and my mom doing some spring cleaning. He didn’t want them anymore because she had patched a big hole with a butterfly. She was going to get rid of them but I wanted them. And I wanted embroidery lessons so I could add more butterflies! I had been cross stitching and making friendship bracelets since elementary school so I had the embroidery floss. Mom hooked me up with some patterns and I went to town. Eventually the crotch wore out on one pair and I couldn’t bear to part with them. At first I tried patching, then wearing them with boxers. Eventually I had to declare defeat, but at the last minute I decided to sew the legs onto an old pair of shorts. This was actually not quite as hideous as it looks since the shirts I would wear with them were those long flowy things that fell past the shorts area.

I particularly love the embroidery down the side:

It reads “love endures all understanding.” This was something a crush had written on my shoe back in the days when we were all writing on each others chuck taylors. I had always assumed it was some famous quote. Now thanks to the internet I can confirm that it is not. In fact a few days ago it got me zero hits off of google. (Now it has some religious site, but still, only 1 hit.)


Belated holiday wrap up

So I was cleaning off my computer desktop and realized I didn’t share any of my holiday photos. Time to remedy that. First up, mom’s presents. She had decided she needed a traveling hobby for conferences and car rides. She tried cross stitch first, then decided she wanted to learn how to knit. So she got stitchmarkers and thimbles and some patterns and some little felted bowls. The blue one is from the yarn I spun at Maker Fair and the purple one is from Miss Hawklet (leftovers from the mittens). I tried to make one from the yellow I spun at Maker Fair too, but I guess it wasn’t wool cause it didn’t so much work. It’s now a hat for one of my stuffed monkeys.


Next up, holiday meals! For Christmas my mom does a ham, so the veggies got fake Canadian bacon in the same brown sugar glaze. For New Years one must have pork (seitan) and sourkraut.

dinner1 dinner2 dinner3

The big thing that I did over the trip was to tackle my bedroom. It had become a storage space and I needed to claim my belongings so it could transform into a guest bedroom. I have pretty bad dust and mold allergies and had been getting sick every time I went home so my parents have gotten some air purifiers and kept me down on the more used and cleaned ground floor. So a mission to the upstairs required special equipment:


The mission was a complete success however. I now have all of my books (filed in LC order thank you very much) and other knick nacks all settled in Austin and mom is well on her way to clearing out all the clutter that wasn’t mine. Next up – convince my dad to put in wood floors instead of carpeting!


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I mean, do you see that hedgehog?!?


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Progress Shot


I know, exciting, more blotchy yellow…. But that’s hours of x’s!


Progress Shot

You can kind of see the pink robot, right?



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