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I found myself in possession of a $30 Amazon gift certificate and picked up the latest Attenborough and Vegan Soul Kitchen. I haven’t watched/read either yet, but did bring the dvd home with me to PA for the break and mom and dad think it sounds fun. And one of my friends bought me the Octopus’s Garden from her school’s book sale. It comes with a dvd! It’s totally a kids book, but it had great info about a whole bunch of different cephalopods that I hadn’t read about before. Super fun!

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Go go copepods!!

That’s the sound they make. Just watch Blue Planet. You’ll see.

You’ll also see how they fire bioluminescent depth charges as an escape mechanism.

National Geographic has some stunning images of translucent creatures. Many are prettier than the copepod, but few are dearer to my heart.

Be sure to check out the related galleries too.

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I’ve been sadly behind in my Deep Sea News reading since I’ve been trying to stay off the computer when not at work. I know there’s an update on the giant squid that I need to set some time aside to read up on, but I just had to share these amazing nudibranch pictures and videos. I agree with the commenters about the questionable ethics behind their procurement, but there’s no questioning how stunning they are.
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I so love Zooilogix. They fill me in on things like this plastinated giant squid at France’s National Museum of Natural History.

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from icanhascheezburger

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Thanks Craig!

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So pretty…

Deep Sea News just posted a link to some stunning dive videos! Go watch! “When the sun goes down” has some STELLAR footage of a prowling octopus at the beginning and again at about 2/3 of the way in. And episode 4 of the podcast just blows me away. If you’re not practically paralyzed with a sense of awe and wonder you probably can’t be my friend. Stuff like this just turns me into a little kid. Nature is SO AMAZING!


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