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This ‘n’ that…

I’ve got some photos that have been sitting around on my desktop that I’ve been meaning to share.

A fancy knot I made from Time to Weave. Add a fancy stick and it’s a hair thingy.


A clipping my mom sent me for the Ellie Awards.


Squares for my cowgirl quilt and some knick knacks from my grandma’s.


I have no idea what you do with that clapper, but now I have one in case I need one!


Snacks I found at Whole Foods – they’re vegan!


Quilt progress!



Still trying to find that perfect holiday gift?

Oceana Holiday Cookie CuttersOceana Holiday Cookie CuttersEat a Cookie, Save the Oceans…

“This holiday season, Oceana is providing a unique and meaningful way to give to loved ones while helping protect the oceans for future generations. When supporters virtually adopt a marine creature through Oceana’s website (, recipients can receive up to 16 ocean themed cookie cutters, an official adoption certificate, ocean facts and a special sugar cookie recipe.”

So head over to Oceana to adopt a sea creature (or snowflake or boat) today!

Thanks of course to Deep Sea News for the heads up!


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The Omnipresence of Lewis Carroll

I don’t know how often it is that I literally gasp, but goodness Imbrium!


Shawn can vouch for me. I gasped. Time slowed. I was in awe. The yarn is of course lovely and I’m totally going to use it to make myself a pair of socks. I hear wonderful things about Cascade Fixation and the colorway is perfect, but do you see that book? I was so mesmerized I couldn’t be bothered to take a decent yarn photo at all. This book is stunning! So Lewis Carroll #1 – O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! This has absolutely moved to the #1 spot on my reading list.

B loves her toy too!


I have 2 other celebratory things to share.

Shawn and I passed our Wing Tsun test into Student Grade 1 today! Go Team!

Lastly, I am particularly proud of myself for figuring out how to have the RSS feeds from my various tags display properly in the wiki at work, despite the wiki trying to thwart me by not allowing my javascript or supporting RSS 1.0 (which is what uses). Yahoo! Pipes saved the day.

Now if I could just share that bit of joy with someone who wouldn’t look at me like I’m reciting bits from Jabberwocky


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I obviously need this:



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Later that night…

Click into the album for the progress shots.

As an aside, if I could be any creature, I would be a barnacle. I’d get to travel the world lounging on the back of a great big whale just waving my arms around snatching up snacks. 🙂

p.s. – Thanks Mom for the drawing and thanks Mom and Dad for the colored pencils! I’ve definitely gotten my $50 out of them! (They were a high school graduation present that I begged and begged for – mind you, I am NOT an artist, these colored pencils have been used for coloring only, but I’ve lugged them all over creation with me for 10 years and cherish them deeply.)

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Saving you the trouble

octoJust to save you the trouble of emailing me when you find out, I thought I’d let you know that I already ran into the articles about the octosquid. Gotta love Wikipedia – hauled up from the ocean depths July 5th, article started 5am July 6th. Please note that it’s actually a plain old regular squid that’s just lost it’s tentacles. Sorry.

Deep Sea News


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My friends love me so good.


And I quote: “New marine life!  My god I must tell ellie!”


The link I was sent was from MSNBC “Polar depths yield hundreds of weird species.” I also ran into the news at the Discovery channel news site “Antarctica yields new life“, but MSNBC has way better pictures. The BBC version is “Antarctic ‘treasure trove’ found.” And one more from LiveScience “Deep-Sea Alien Abode Discovered.” Go check em out!



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Have you been to Target lately? Did you think of me?


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Colossal Squid!

My brother’s fiancee alerted me to the capture of a newer gigantic-er colossal squid. Very exciting. The articles are touting calamari the size of tires, but if colossal squid are like the giants, you wouldn’t want any part of that ammonia filled mass.


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