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Breaking up is hard to do.

It’s been a really heavy day. It started off kinda heavy, but then I decided to just go with it and scheduled some mourning time and reread all the old journals and had a right proper pity fest. I think there must be something wrong with me because even though there were something like 5 almost breakups over the last year (most of them on my end) it’s left me missing him more than ever and mustering every ounce of self restraint I have not to call him. Apologies for the excessively depressing content. (I’ll make up for it soon by flashing my toolkit.) It seems like just yesterday when I was loving life and planning to take a guy up on his offer for coffee sometime. The ups and downs get less frequent and milder, right? That’s what I keep hearing anyway. Still waiting for it to actually happen. And time is in some weird vortex. It’s only been 2 weeks since we stopped talking. It feels like months. Nope. 13 days.

But look! Look how pretty my gauntlet is coming along. Poor dad got put aside for a more selfish project. But hey, if now’s not the time to be selfish, when is? I am so proud of how this is turning out. Especially since I don’t have a pattern. It has meant a lot of ripping back and fixing things, but luckily it’s a pretty quick little project, so that’s not a big deal. Oh, and I’m calling this my Friday Cat Blogging picture too.

Also look at the utterly random package of goodies from my mom. She sent me a batch of my all time favorite cookies – cherry winks. (I usually make a batch of these with my dad every Christmas. This year we didn’t get to it. Too much stress.) You’ll also note the Shih Tzu playing cards. (My last and best ever dog was a Shih Tzu.) Now comes the utter randomness. Apparently she was cleaning and sent me things she didn’t know what to do with. Do you see the little pearl string doggies. I made them. Maybe in early high school, or late middle school. I can’t remember who taught me, but I thought they were just the coolest thing ever.


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Friday Cat Blogging.

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Friday Cat Blogging.


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My little baby’s growing up!

When I got B as a kitten I didn’t know that kittens are immune to catnip for like 6 months, and some cats never care for it. Well, in addition to B’s new toys, yesterday I got her some treats and some more catnip to try. I put a little on the big ‘ole rat and now they’re new best friends. Actually, right now she’s already rubbed all the catnip off of the rat and is snuggling with another catnip toy that I refilled. It all means the same thing. My little baby’s growing up!

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Friday Cat Blogging. (“My how you’ve grown!” Edition)

I know the cat looks the same size – but look at the scratching post for perspective.

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Friday Cat Blogging. (Archive Edition)

Here’s another one from the vaults. I sure do miss her. And I hear she’s getting bigger!

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Friday Cat Blogging. (Archive Edition)

Little B is in Austin playing with her best friend Ramona. Here’s a baby photo.

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