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New dice bag

In addition to my ring, one of my other engagement presents was my very own pretty set of matching dice. I had the sewing machine out to make something for my weaving guild’s gift exchange (picks of that after the party), so I decided to whip up a little dice bag too. I also joined another tabletop campaign where I’m a ranger, so I thought that was a good enough excuse to use up this cute forest critter fabric.


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Crafting FAIL

IMG_3849IMG_3851So since I’ve picked up playing Magic and actually owning cards rather than just playing my brother’s deck I got it in my head that I needed to craft my own carrying cases for my decks and my individual cards. I borrowed a book on sewn boxes from a friend. I looked at tutorials for papercraft boxes. I brainstormed and even did some sewing. You can also see my somewhat technically successful, but totally ugly attempt at a box for the loose cards in these pics. I opened up Rick’s storebought white cardboard box (in the background) and used it as a template to make myself a black one. I also bought some pretty paper to cut out and put on the sides, but it’s such a shredded disaster that it seems like a waste of the paper, so I’m saving it to glue onto a storebought box.

The other night I spent a couple of hours cutting out and sewing up some plastic canvas as a template with the idea that I would sew up a box and insert the canvas to give it structure. Then I went down to my craft room to look for an appropriate fabric. I saw my beautiful lemon fabric that’s earmarked for a skirt, the purple for a dress, the scraps for more potholders… And I thought to myself, “Why am I wasting so much time and energy on something that costs $2!?” And I went out and bought some deck boxes. I may still try to make those paperboard boxes for fun, because obviously the cutting and gluing are nececary for a polished result, but no more pressure to hurry up and figure something out. I have way better things to be doing that should not be pushed to the back burner.


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It’s been a week for presents. One friend grabbed me some amazing yarn from a booth at Maker Faire for helping her husband with some research. Another passed along some cheesy minotaur books he knew I would enjoy. And Rick gave me my birthday present early – a kick ass Sliver deck. My friends love me!




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Nerding it up

I have SO been loving nerding it up now for months. Just totally basking in it. I hadn’t had much of an outlet for it before. I had to beg and pull favors to get people to play Killer Bunnies with me.* Now, looking back on Killer Bunnies, I refer to it as being in the kiddie pool with my floaties on. I had no idea how complicated games could get. Nor how much I would love them.


My brother taught me Magic many moons ago, but I didn’t know anyone else that played, so I didn’t bother buying cards of my own. But now that I do, I’m hooked. (Though probably still more hooked on Dominion and Race for the Galaxy. Tough call… I frequently claim that I want to play 3-4 games. Right now. 8 times each.)

So on this trip home I pestered my brother into organizing a Magic night with his friends. I even won once! They were awesome, (which is pretty much to be expected of my brother’s friends) explaining what cards did and why they were playing the way they were or had chosen to do this instead of that, and most importantly, why I might want to do this or that, even when it meant attacking them. I also got to play with all 3 of  my decks and see how they worked in multi-player since so far I’d only done one on one with them. Knitters – if you’ve read this far, I want you to know – I used a row counter to keep track of my life.

So if there’s a little less craft content on here than there used to be now you know why. Now that I don’t have my night job I’m hoping to strike a better balance, but for the last few months, if I had free time and a choice, I wanted to play a game. Or 4…

*T&C – of course you were  the exception, but we also had BSG, Eden, Gloom, dining, etc., etc. to split our time between. 😉


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