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New dice bag

In addition to my ring, one of my other engagement presents was my very own pretty set of matching dice. I had the sewing machine out to make something for my weaving guild’s gift exchange (picks of that after the party), so I decided to whip up a little dice bag too. I also joined another tabletop campaign where I’m a ranger, so I thought that was a good enough excuse to use up this cute forest critter fabric.


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Just in case your nerd friends don’t love you like mine do…

CERN Rap from Will Barras on Vimeo.
Also, check out the rapper’s website. That is some good design!

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Lord of the Ants

Drop whatever you’re doing and go watch this E.O. Wilson NOVA special. They put the whole episode online for free and it’s excellent. It even has some commentary by Sir David Attenborough 🙂

(portrait by Jennie Summerall)


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Yes, this is what I do for fun.


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I’m back

I know, I forgot to say I’d be gone. But I was off to LA to visit friends and attend a library conference. I got to eat at two of my all time favorite restaurants – The Great Greek and Versailles (many thanks to Kasha and Josh!) (sad I didn’t make it to Leonor’s though), visit the Hollywood farmer’s market and the Los Angeles fire fighter museum (which had the fanciest ladies room I’ve ever seen), eat Mashti’s namesake icecream, soak in the
LA skyline, ride a bicycle for the first time in over 10 years, blow bubbles and color on the sidewalk with a friend’s todler, eat
many delicious salt bagels, stock up on nerdy goodness learning all about the upcoming Warhammer release and playing Settlers of Catan and Killer Bunnies, tour JPL, present on a panel, and of course catch up with friends. Overall it was fantastic and I was super sad to leave. The JPL tour was stellar – I highly recommend it if you ever get the chance.

For the 4th of July Shawn and I went to take the pugs on a picnic. We ended up getting rained out, but they loved the drive! I also finally put together the manta ray that my mom got me for Christmas and we managed to catch some fireworks from the parking lot of the movie theater before we went in to see the Hulk.


New Rule

The new rule is we only buy puzzles that offer missing piece replacement services.

I’m guessing that piece is missing because of something like this:

B had been up on the windowsill and jumped down to greet me as I came in the front door. I was pretty sure I had heard a big swoosh noise. Thankfully the puzzle stayed amazingly intact considering…


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Puzzle Mania

So we finished the last puzzle – minus two pieces that went missing. We think it was a combined effort between B and Mashti, but it’s possible that Mashti could have accomplished it on her own. Luckily the puzzle company offers a replacement piece service. From Spain. So that should be here in about a month. Yeah.

I forgot to take a picture of it before we started the next one, which, due to lack of flat surfaces, we started right on top of the last one. My Planet Earth puzzle is still in limbo in the living room, so we now have 3 active puzzles going. Ha!

This one is way super easier though. We’re thinking it would be cool in the kitchen. It even comes with a little chart saying what each of the spices is. I’ve already called dibs on the Israeli couscous looking one and the blueberry looking one, but if Shawn keeps having to leave to take phone calls I’m going to finish it without him.


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