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Thank you Secret Pal!!!

Well, not so secret anymore. You have spoiled me rotten and I hope you were spoiled equally! I can’t wait to try out some of the patterns from this book!



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Thank you Secret Pal!!!

secretpal1 secretpal2Thank you Secret Pal!!! What an amazing package! (or 2 packages I guess!) I opened the box on the left first and found all that yarn and the yummy swedish fish, so I was  shocked and delighted when I went for the (perfect for knitting projects) bag on the right and found it full of goodies!

I’ve already got the gingerbread man hanging on my warping board with my other ornaments for next year’s tree. The yarn is super lovely, such a great color and enough for a nice big project. I made Shawn promise to take the falling flower to work (but not until after I collapsed it a whole bunch of times and made it dance around in front of him) – I thought he could use the goofy cheer. He smiled and duly promised. ūüôā

It’s funny how the little things mean so much, but I ADORE the swedish¬†fish mixed sea creatures!¬† And over Christmas I finally shipped my¬†entire bouncy ball collection from PA to Austin, so the two new ones¬†will be joining the big group not just the handful I have here. I’m¬†going to need a new container for them! I’m pretty sure they’ll¬†overflow the big old timey wooden mixing bowl I was using in PA once I¬†add the growing Austin collection. So yes, thank you again!

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Thank you Cass!

Cass sent me the most lovely swap package (for the knitters coffee swap)! She reused the box I sent hers in (hence the “never ending swap box!”) Which reminds me – I have this blue puffy envelope I’ve had since high school that I send things back and forth in (it’s perfect for CDs) – mostly to my brother, but I’ve let one friend and my mom in on the action – both with a strict warning on the history of the envelope and the importance of keeping it going only to people who will send it back or on to someone else who would keep it going within our little loop. It’s been all around the U.S. and always puts a smile on my face when it shows up in my mailbox. I hope it does the same for those I send it to. This box definitely did with my hilarious pirate packing tape showing up on my doorstep. And I have to say – genius stuffing a bag with newspaper for padding – ecological without getting newspaper smear on everything!


And then the goodies!


Such wonderful goodies! The coffee looks delightful! I think I’ll take the holiday blend home with me to Pennsylvania to enjoy over the holidays. The coffee mug is the perfect size for our household. The little notepads are super mod – I can’t decide whether to use them at home or take them in to cheer up my office. The chili pepper loofah is already hanging over my sink and the adorable sheepy made me wish I had set up a tree this year. It’s definitely going on next year! (It’s hanging from my warping board right now.) I LOVE the fabric – especially since Cass pointed out that it looks like little abstract sheep. So true! Shawn and I were just lamenting our stinky dog house – so the candle came just in time. (I already have an air purifier going in our bedroom and vacuum every week – if anyone wants to share ideas for un-dog-stinking your bedroom [without actually stopping your dogs from sleeping in bed with you that is] I’d love to hear them.) And there really should be a way to send texture over the internet so you could all feel how soft that yarn is. I’m thinking an really nice scarf.

And speaking of the coffee swap. Now that Cass has her package, (in two posts) I can share some other pictures with you.

I had so much fun making this apron! I’m glad you like it Cass! The pattern is from Doodle Stitching and I cannot recommend that book highly enough!

cswap3 cswap4 cswap5


Thank you secret pal!

I was out picking up a few things for my coffee swap pal (Hi Cass! Boy does my craft room smell good! I hope the coffee tastes as good as it smells!) and what did I come home to but a fabulous secret pal package. Upon opening:


All unpacked. We see yummy yummy swedish fish, lovely lavender cascade fixation (which we all know makes a mean panta as well as a lovely vegan sock option), adorable sheepy bookmark, hand salve (good looking out sp!), darling notepad and calendar, handknit pumpkin cloth (I tried taking a picture of the detail, just trust me, there’s an awesome pumpkin under there) and various other lovelies:


Puffer ball! Did you know about my puffer fish soap dispenser?


And, the piece de resistance….

Habu! I am going to have to come up with something fabulous to do with this. Thank you so much for sending 3! I’m thinking a top of some sort.


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Thank you vegan pal!


Such an awesome package! Orange hemp yarn with a pattern for a spa and bath trio, a super cool owl, warm beverage cozy (such perfect cables!), fair trade organic coffee (smells sooooo good!), recipe for risotto, fruit leathers, lip balm, the much needed chibi (which I used this weekend at Maker Faire), and of course the gorgeously colored hand painted Tahki mercerized cotton magic yarn ball which was full of the cutest fall themed buttons and some delicious candy. Thank you Debbie!

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Thank you tea swap pal!

I’ve had house guests the last three weekends in a row*, been dealing with poor little Mashti’s drops and pills 4 times a day**, found out I have eczema*** and have been dealing with creams and gloves and not getting my hands wet and not sweating, which is particularly difficult since Shawn and I just started Wing Tsun****. Oh, and I scraped a whole bunch of nasty popcorn texture off the guest room ceiling and plastered it and helped Shawn lay hardwood flooring in his studio. I am so sore in so many places. There’s also some exciting and positive but stressful possibilities looming at work that I’m not sure how I’m going to handle yet.*****

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Mostly I want to finish painting the guest room so I can reclaim my bedroom from all the detritus created by the wonderful hard work that Shawn and his dad started three weeks ago.******

So you can imagine what a perfect treat it was to come home to such a fabulous swap package.


A beautiful (yet impossible to photograph) handmade tea time cloth (it says Tea Time and has a little tea pot and it’s incredibly well done!).


An adorable teacup themed pincushion, bumble bee tape measure, matching stitchmarkers (I’m assuming also handmade, but not sure), and Suss twisted cotton slub yarn. And let me tell you, I have ooed and ahhhed over Blue Sky Alpaca’s cotton, but this stuff takes the cake! I’m thinking eventually a really classy scarf for myself. Not sure what else to do with two skeins that will allow me to touch it all the time.


Some super cool stationary: a notepad, note cards, and a note book that happens to be exactly the kind I use for grocery lists.


And of course, the tea! An incredibly hip tea set with filters and a little tea bag rest exactly like I wanted, only better, because I can’t break this one. Shawn and I both thank you for making our kitchen counter much less tacky. I plan to take the tea filters, tea set and Irish breakfast tea to work. I’m planning to get a little hot water pot and having quite the cozy little morning ritual.


And last, but not least, a jungle gym for B! She loves it! Thank you!


* All wonderful people, but I’m still happy to have the place back to myself.
** The Dr. says she’s doing great and won’t have any vision loss!
*** It’s pretty mild from what I hear for comparison. The weird thing is that mine hurts rather than itches.
**** I’m allowed to wear my silly cotton gloves in class. I cut off the finger tips to make myself feel less ridiculous.
***** Real life friends – feel free to email me for more details.
****** That’s three weeks that I haven’t been able to move comfortably through the bedroom because of extra bookshelves, TVs, couches, etc. The new floor, lack of mold, and finished trimming around the baseboards is definitely lovely and worth it. I’m just ready for it to be done!


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Knitters’ Coffeeswap Three

They’ve closed the sign ups, so my apologies if this is the first you’re seeing this, but here are my answers to the Knitters’ Coffeeswap Three questions:

1. Whole bean or ground?

I can do either.

2. Fully-loaded or decaf?

Caffeine please.

3. Regular or flavored?

That’s a tough one… I like flavors when they’re well done. I don’t like them when they’re really artificial or cheap tasting.

4. How do you drink your coffee?

I mix it up. I can do black, a little sugar, or a little sugar and some soy creamer.

5. Favorite coffee ever?

Honestly…. I always thought Denny’s had really good coffee…

6. Are you fussy about your coffee or will any old bean do?

I’m a little fussy, but not overly fussy. I do like to support fair trade, organic, etc., etc.

7. Favorite treats to have with your coffee?

Salt bagels, biscotti, ginger snaps, other cookies, other pastries

8. Anything else about your coffee preferences?

I like rich and dark, but not necessarily bitter.

9. Yarn/fiber you love?

I like cotton quite a bit (the Blue Sky Alpaca’s is sooooo soft!), but I also like playing with some of the¬†newer yarns out there. I try to be eco friendly and do my part, so¬†things like sustainable, natural, recycled, and organic are¬†always good. I like to try new/weird yarns. I haven’t tried corn or soy silk yet, banana was super weird though.
I’m also interested in linen.

10. Yarn/fiber you hate?

I don’t use animal fibers, this includes silk.

11. What’s on your needles?


12. Favorite colors?

Brown, black, eggplant, periwinkle and dusty-pinky-lavender

13. Allergies?

Not really, but I suppose this is where I should mention the whole vegan thing. For this swap, please consider me vegan, I’m not perfectly so in my¬†daily life, but I try. So no animal fiber yarn please, no pastries or¬†mixes with eggs or milk or whey in them and no treats with gelatin. I am happy¬†to answer any questions about products and point out brands and sites¬†that cater towards vegans.

14. Anything you really love, really don’t like, or just need to get off your chest?

I really like stationary and hand printed/letterpress items. And deep sea creatures. I’m also on Ravelry. I do a lot of crafts and probably should make more time for myself and spend less time on the computer ūüėČ

If you want more ideas you can see my previous swap answers in the top right sidebar.

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