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Gift bag

I needed a present for my weaving guild’s gift exchange and decided to make a quick little tote that I made once before. After digging through my craft books I found it in bend-the-rules sewing. I used some of the leftover fabric from what I wove for my skirt. I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

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I’ve taken a long enough break from Baten Kaitos to work on my current weaving project. It is very much not my most even work. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the loose weave will even out in the finishing process. The color is really hard to photograph. It’s Habu cotton gima in mint.

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I wove something.

And, despite copious hours of goofing off, I still managed to hem it thisĀ  evening in time to take to tomorrow’s weaving guild meeting for show and tell.


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I’m all tied on, just need to tie up the treddles and get to weaving.

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Spring Break Weaving

I finally finished the next guild color study project. This has cemented my hatred for table looms and fiddly patterns. Each color from the warp is also used in blocks in the weft so that each color intersects with each color and each of the blocks created by these intersections is a different twill pattern. But boy, the yarn sure is pretty.

I am now moving on to something I designed for myself. A nice plain balanced twill on a sturdy floor loom.


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New Loom

One of my weaving friends has an extra loom she’s loaning me. Before the break we got it mostly set up, but I forgot to ever hit post on these pictures:

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Christmas weaving

I made my brother and his wife scarves for Christmas, so I couldn’t show them before now. They’re cotton warp and Habu bamboo weft both in 2/2 twill.

My brother also let me take another pic of his birthday scarf:

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