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Spring Break Weaving

I finally finished the next guild color study project. This has cemented my hatred for table looms and fiddly patterns. Each color from the warp is also used in blocks in the weft so that each color intersects with each color and each of the blocks created by these intersections is a different twill pattern. But boy, the yarn sure is pretty.

I am now moving on to something I designed for myself. A nice plain balanced twill on a sturdy floor loom.


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Less than a year late!

photoMy weaving guild decided to do a photo challenge last summer. The goal was to have your entry done for the Christmas party. Many of us let that deadline slip past, but most everyone still had theirs done in time for the Contemporary Handweavers of Texas conference in March. Not me. I finished Monday. I’m still working on pulling over the rest of my old posts, but eventually you should be able to select the category “guild photo challenge” and see all the progress leading up to this point.

We started with the picture to the right here, which immediately screamed waffle weave to me. And waffle weave screamed dishcloths. I went through my stash and picked out cottons that were as close as possible to the pallet in the picture and figured out the threading to get the yellow to peek out in the middle. I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with how these turned out. Some of the floats are a teensy bit long, but not so much so that they’ll be a problem. I like the variegated towels much more than the grey or the tan, so I’m glad I made two of them right off the bat. I wound up with three full towels and one washcloth/napkin sized one.

First a few more on loom shots:


And a close up to see how the inspiration relates to the structure:


The finished towels. The left and center towels have the same variegated warp, so you’re seeing the front of one and the back of the other. The right one has a grey warp and the bottom one has the tan warp.:IMG_4161

A shot to show how different the fronts and backs are:



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A little more

Evening out the warp threads and starting the hem:IMG_4140

Close up of the hem, done in a finer thread to hopefully reduce the bulk when I fold it over:


About halfway through the first towel:


Close up of the waffle weave pattern:



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And away we go

On days like today I am glad for many things. I’m glad for the internet and my ability to find a manual for my loom that explains how to care for the friction brake. I’m glad I was raised by an engineer father so that I am totally comfortable disassembling and reassembling said brake and have the necessary tools to do so. I’m glad that I have taken up so many crafts, especially beading, so that I have wire cutters to cut out an errant metal heddle.

All of which is to say, I’ve finally got my loom warped!



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Poco a poco

I’ve managed to eke out an hour here and there to do a little more warping. It’s all through the reed and about half way through the heddles. So much more to do…


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I’ve gotten a bit more threading done. Weaving has not been a top priority lately. I’ve mostly been addicted to card and board games. Agricola, Dominion, Race for the Galaxy, Pandemic, Stone Age, Magic and a couple others. And then if I’m home alone with free time I’ve been cooking, cleaning, watering plants and other miscellaneous household chores. Tonight is my last night at my 2nd job though, so here’s hoping the crafting picks back up. I also have 2 weeks off for intersession coming up. I’ll be home in PA for most of it, so probably no weaving or sewing, but I want to make a purse before I go and I think I’ll pack my cross stitch.

I’m a little disappointed that I won’t be signing up for the next level of woodworking over the summer, but it would be an extra 10 hours a week! And I just can’t commit to that. I’m making lists of things I’m going to be saying NO to. I won’t take a position on my weaving guild’s board. I won’t take woodworking. I won’t be going to yoga more than once a week. I won’t be learning any new crafts. I won’t be volunteering for anything! I will be playing with my puppy, reading, relaxing and generally trying to refrain from over committing myself.